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Powwow. Engraving

Taras Shevchenko. Powwow (2)

Taras Shevchenko. Powwow.
Illustration to the same work by G.F.Kvitka-Osnovjanenko. [1841, no later than October 10. St. Petersburg].
Reproduced by print 15 × 9,5 (27,6 × 17,2) cm, inserted in the thirteenth issue of collection "Our, depicted from the nature by Russians" [SPb., 1841. – p. 13].

Right beneath the artist's signature engraved: Shevchenko.

Compared with previous version illustration in the book has changed, perhaps, before moving it to a wood. Artists of 1840th, preparing artwork for display in woodcut technique, usually drawed it just on the wood. But for censorship images were repeated [Sidorov A.A. History of decoration russian books. – M., 1964. – p. 256].

On the cover release stated that the vignettes to work "Powwow" was engraved by A.P. Nettelhorst. Maybe he carved Shevchenko's figure too, the so-called "type", put in the collection before the text of essay "Powwow".

Tentatively dated by considering the time of issuing censorship permission for print collection (October 10, 1841).

In reviews of the thirteenth issue of the publication on illustrations to "Powwow" noted: "Picture and vignettes (number 13) great" [Homeland note. – 1842. – February. – p. 45], "Characteristics of the Little Russians are perfectly reproduced by Shevchenko, and who have not been to Little Russia and did not know it, he would never have given this characteristic designs" [Northern Bee. – 1842. – Nov. 7].

The publication has caused sharp discontent of Nicholas I. Censor A.V. Nikitenko wrote:

New alarm in censorship. Bashutsky publishes book "Our…" by issues. Indeed democratic direction it is undisputed. In it, among other things, says that people are exposed to oppression, and its virtue is that he is not moving. Sovereign very dissatisfied" [A.V. Nikitenko Diary in three volumes. – M., 1956. – T. 1. – p. 244].

Over the life of Shevchenko engraving "Powwow" was reproduced also in the publication "Illustration" [Illustration. – 1848. – № 22] which then also edited by O.P. Bashutsky [Pryjma F. Shevchenko in the Russian press reviews 1848 – 1859 // Proceedings of nineteenth Shevchenko scientific conference. – K., 1972. – p. 162]. In the 1858 engraving of "Powwow" reproduced in the publication of "Russian Illustrated Almanac" with the name "Chumak Omelko Brus" [Russian Illustrated Almanac. With 200 pictures, engraved on the wood. – SPb., 1858. – p. 79; history of Ukrainian art: in 6 volumes. – K., 1969. – vol. 4, bk. 1. – p. 207] to illustrate to work by G.P. Danilevsky "Farm's friends" [Morenets N.I. Shevchenko in St. Petersburg. – L., 1960. – p. 48; Yatsyuk V. Painting – my profession: sketches on Shevchenko. – K., 1989. – p. 235 – 237].

The publication "Our, depicted from the nature by Russians" to the work by Kvitka-Osnovjanenko "Powwow" were also added 12 small illustrations-vignettes between text. On the cover of that issue stated: "vignettes drawed by Ylychey" (the signature of Egor Ilyich Kovryhin). They are sometimes prescribed to Shevchenko [T. Shevchenko complete works: in 10 vols. – K., 1963. – T. 10. – p. 88. – № 274 – 285].


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V.O. Sudak

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