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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Works of 1844 – 1845

Portrait of V. M. Repnin's children


Self-portrait with a candle, 1845

Yard in the countryside

Shevchenko draws peasant yard

Portrait of J. F. Rudzynsky

House near water

Peasant yard

On the Oril (village)

On the Oril

Landscape with stone figures

Stinka tract

Bilyk tract

Holy cross exaltation monastery in Poltava

Kotliarevsky's house in Poltava

In Reshetylivka

In Reshetylivka (2)

In Ukraine

Portrait of G. Rodzianko

Self-portrait 1845

St. Boris' stone cross

Portrait of A. A. Lukjanovych

Portrait of an unknown woman in brown dress