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Taras Shevchenko

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Aral expedition of 1848 – 1849

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Near the dead

Village amidst the steppe

Arid sands

Fire in the desert

Fort Kara Butak

Fort Kara Butak (2)


Expeditionary camp in the desert

Dustan's grave

Fort Irgiz Kala

Day rest of transport in the desert

Expeditionary camp in the desert

Fort Raim. View from the shipyard on the Syr Darya

Tract Raim from the west

Fort Raim. Internal view

Fort Raim

Shevchenko draws a friend

Portrait of an unknown with a guitar

Kazakhs in a yurt

Dock on the Syr Darya in 1848

Schooner "Constantine" and "Nicholas"

Schooners preparation

Schooners preparation (2)

Island Kug-Aral

Kug-Aral island (2)


Izendy Aral

Cape Izendy Aral

Southern coast of the Kulandy peninsula

Kulandy peninsula

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In 1848 – 1849 the expedition to the Aral Sea under the leadership of the famous Russian explorer Captain-Lieutenant A.I. Butakov was examined Sea for first time, measured its depth, defined latitude, conducted astronomical observations and discovered a number of new islands. At this time was collected materials about the life of the Kazakh population, conducted geological research of areas and made extensive description of the flora and fauna of the coast and islands of the Aral sea.

By order of A. I. Butakov Shevchenko performed numerous sketches, drawings and watercolors.

Chronologically, drawings and pictures Shevchenko associated with an expedition, formed five groups:

1. Land transition from Orsk fortress to strengthen Raim – 11.V – 17.VI 1848 (see pictures 2 – 18 and drawings 138 – 148);

2. The first sail to the Aral Sea – 30.VII – 28.IX 1848 (see pictures 19 – 31 and drawings 149 – 172);

3. Wintering at Kos-Aral – 6.X 1848 – 6.V 1849 (see pictures 32 – 43 and drawings 173 – 177);

4. The second sail to the Aral Sea – 6.V – 22.IX 1849 (see pictures 44 – 45 and drawings 178 – 190);

5. Staying in Orenburg – X 1849 – IV 1850.

Much of the field sketches and outlines made during the Aral expedition is also in the Shevchenko's albums of 1846 – 1850.

Dates and individual titles of works set on the basis of expedition material (diaries by A. I. Butakov and forwarding maps).

After publication: Taras Shevchenko Complete Works in 10 volumes. – Kyiv: ed. Academy of sciences of UkrSSR, 1962, vol. 8, p. 3 – 4 (notes).