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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Moscow – St. Petersburg, 1858 – 1859

Portrait of M. S. Shchepkin

Portrait of M. M. Lazarevsky

Portrait of M. S. Krzhysevych

Portrait of B. Sukhanov-Podkolzin

In the harem (2)

Two girls

Holy family

Rembrandt self portrait with a sword

Lazarus Clap

Pole with a sword and a stick

Parable of workers in vineyard. Etching

Portrait of I. Aldridge

Portrait of N. A. Severtsov

Portrait of V. L. Kochubej

B. Sukhanov-Podkolzin



Old man in cemetery. Etching

Evening in Albano near Rome. Etching