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Taras Shevchenko

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Kyiv from the Dnipro

Taras Shevchenko. Kyiv from the Dnipro

Taras Shevchenko. Kyiv from the Dnipro river. Unfinished picture. Pencil on paper (27,7 × 38,3 cm). [Kyiv]. [May – September 1843]. Taras Shevchenko National Museum, inv. number g – 611.

Lower left hand ink inscription by Chestahivsky: Kyiv from the Dnipro.

A more complete picture in album 1839-1843. This asserts error dating in the literature and in Chestahivsky's list when this picture assumed to drawn after exile [«Product museum of Ukrainian Antiquities V. Tarnowski," vol. II, Chernigov, 1900, p. 189, № 382].

In the Chestahivsky's list registered as number 107 or 108, because under those numbers recorded two pictures of the same name: "View of Kyiv from the Dnipro".

Storage areas: collection of A.O.Kozachkovsky, Kakhovski, Brazol, Museum of Ukrainian antiquity V. Tarnowskі in Chernigov – № 382, Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum, Gallery of pictures Shevchenko, Kharkiv.

On the back light sketch of architectural landscape.

L.I. Vnuchkova

After publication: Taras Shevchenko Complete works in 10 volumes. – Kyiv: ed. Academy of sciences of UkrSSR, 1961, Vol. 7, part 2, № 290 (image), p. 35 – 36 (note).

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