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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works



"How fair girl, browed"

"Oh oak dark grove!"

Imitation Serbian


"Kings, bloody barman"

"Stop initiating evil"

"Those devil eyes"

"Once something else, in past time"

Remakes of "The Tale of Igor campaign"

"Man dies in sackcloth"

Anthem of monks

"Over the Dnieper saga"

"We grew together"

"The world is clear! Gladsome!"

To Likera

"Periwinkle roses and green"

"And Archimedes, and Galileo"

To L.

"I do not complain to God"


"Pass the younger years"


"While lying and do not beat"

"And here and everywhere all bad"

"O people! Poor people!"

"If someone sit down with bread to eat"

"And the day comes, and night is coming"

"Water flowing from under the maple"

"Once something going at night"

"There were wars and military fightings"

To N.T.

"Came together, married, have combined"

"Godmother mine and I"