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Kobzar / 1848



"And try write poetry again"


"Oh look, I'll see"

"And let not, O Lord, no"

"At the God's door lay the ax "


"Well, who have the mansion"


"Well that would seem to say"

"Like in per capita, surround "

To P.S.

To G.Z.

"If we meet again"



Little owls

"Between cliffs, like a thief"

"For the sun cloudlet swimming "

"And the heaven unwashed and sleepy waves"

"My thoughts, my thoughts"

"And I grew up in exile"

"Not for people and the glory"

"Near the forest in open field"

"If I have shoes"

"And I am rich "

"I loved"

"Mother gave birth to me"

"Oh I my husband "

"Oh sharpen I my friend "

"On the street the wind blows"

"Oh I will sit in the hut"

"Cry, cry cuckoo"


"Oh no drinked beer-meads"

"In the street sad "

"In that Catherine"

"From behind the grove the sun rises"

"Oh, I went into the ravine for the water"

"Not so brave enemies"

"Oh ljuli, ljuli, my child"

"Why is it blackened"

"Fog, mist valley"

"In Sunday in holy"

"In the peretyk went"

"In Sunday early "

"Not high poplar "

"Trample down path"

"And wide valley"

"On the garden near ford "

"If I have, mother, necklace"

"I would not marry"


"And again I had received nothing"

"In captivity, in solitude not have"

"Oh old father died"

"Do not returned from a campaign"

"In Vilno, glorious city"

"Hiding the black cloud"

"Not going home at night"

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